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The #1 conference for boutique owners and e-commerce brands who are ready to turn their business into a profitable online brand by building strategic marketing plans that increase leads, drive consistent traffic and yield conversions. 

JULY 19-21, 2024 | ATLANTA, GA

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Turn your 6-figure dreams into a reality at The Boutique Academy Conference. Whether a 6-figure year or a 6-figure month is your next big goal, you'll walk away with the clarity of what it will take to achieve it.

This conference is for boutique owners and e-commerce brands who want real answers and real strategies, not so-called hacks and temporary fixes. We don't do tips and tricks. We teach planning and strategy, followed by implementation.

Prepare for 3-days of information and transformation. You'll gain useful knowledge that can be immediately implemented and walk away with the clarity necessary to accomplish your goals.

You've been gathering information from random "gurus" for long enough. It's time to get it together! This year is YOUR YEAR!

stop wishing for sales.

start planning for them.

Let go of confusion and frustration.


A lifetime worth of business knowledge and strategy that can be applied over and over again

An increased understanding on customer acquisition and retention

Clarity on how to attract your ideal customer and drive more traffic to your website

Step by step lead generation and lead nurturing strategies

Proven strategies that have generated multiple 6-figures and 7-figures in sales

Connections prior to and during the event (when you join our private conference community)

Access to some of the most successful experts in the fields of marketing & sales

The confidence to make strategic decisions to increase profitability

grab your ticket...

don't miss out!


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