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ready to learn how to grow your business?

The Boutique Academy offers various classes to meet your online business needs. Explore them below. 


Our students see real growth inside our membership and program.

No matter your budget and no matter your level of business, there's something for you.

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Netflix for e-commerce businesses. This monthly membership allows you to learn on demand and watch video trainings based on your personal needs and desires at the time. There's no contract or commitment. Join a community of over 1,000 members from all over the world and start learning today! 

e-commerce profit plan

This program combines our two most loves coaching programs. Over 500 online boutique owners and e-commerce brands have completed these programs and many have successfully scaled their businesses to multiple 6-figures in sales. This program is for existing business owners who are ready to elevate their marketing and their sales.

not sure which program is for you?

you could be next!


more proof!

“I lacked the basic things that I needed to keep my business afloat...”

“…I thank you Jance for how you had this program structured that you did not start us from emailing and marketing and ads and website. No, you started us from the foundation. The rock of what is going to be our future brand.”

"10/10 definitely recommend"

Jance is unmatched! Full of experience and knowledge and actually loves to teach. It shows in her the way prepares with visual and tangible tools that she provides for her classes. She’s not a coach that dangles a carrot, she gives you a whole meal, sometimes for free. 10/10 definitely recommend. 🙌🏾

Jasmin Bartley

Soulage Beauty

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