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success stories.

I have learned where I failed due to this course and I now understand where I can prosper in my business. I am using strategies that has been taught in this course and though I am not seeing results as I am starting out again. I feel MORE CONFIDENT that I will see results because of hardwork.

Antonia Robinson


I joined a few weeks ago and am impressed on the library of videos you have around two topics that I really needed help with 1) Ads and 2) SEO.  I’ve watched two of the ad videos and need to go back to one of them, and based on what I’ve seen so far once I finish those I will be ready to launch my first ad.

Luisa Tejeda

It goes without saying that you have created something that is unlike anything else that exists. Not just your membership, not just our Facebook groups, but the community of likeminded people that you have brought together that not only share many of the same dreams and goals but also have the desire to help each other out. That's extremely unique! And it is always transparent and genuine.

So from the bottom of my heart, thank you! My business would not be anything that it is, I can personally say if I did not encounter you on YouTube.


"She was super approachable and down to earth"

I have attended several courses from Jance. All of which I have gained knowledge and understanding that has been applied to my business. I even got the opportunity to attend the Q&A at Magic and she was super approachable and down to earth. Like the launch course, the black Friday course the reel tidbits she is always sharing information on how you can take your business to the next level. If you are an entrepreneur I advise you to take any courses and soak in any info she shares because it will be beneficial.

Ericka Curry


more proof

Super resourceful, the community here is very open and responsive.

This membership has been super resourceful for me. Hands on live tutorials and guest speakers have been so helpful. Jance is very transparent, knowledgeable and knows her stuff. Don’t hesitate like I did at first...I would’ve have most things done by now. Invest in yourself, you won’t regret it


City Park Kidswear

I recommend this program to anyone who wants to take their boutique to the next level. You get everything you need and more. You just have to apply what you learn. Take your time and don't rush through the process. The tools she gives work. I saw an increase in my profit, plus I made my investment back 3X. Thank you for your knowledge and helping my boutique hit goals I didn’t even know it could before I met you. If you're thinking about investing in this program I hope the answer is yes because it’s worth every penny and more.

Lovasia Washington


Truly at a loss for words on the VALUE provided. I was nervous on the price and after completing the class I would pay double. You are a gem. I have been seeing zeros for MONTHS on Shopify and this past week I've been getting non stop sales my traffic has improved 600% I have the receipts lol. Thank you for setting an example for me on what real success looks like. You make me want to provide more then the minimum to my customers. You have truly changed my life forever I am honored to be part of your success and will continue to support you!

Rebeca Vargas


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