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build the e-commerce brand of your dreams

You bring the questions, I'll bring the answers.

Your passion for fashion has finally pushed you to do something about it. People have complimented your outfits for years. It only seems natural to launch a fashion brand, right?

But, confusion about where to start and what you should actually be doing is really holding you back from just getting started.

well, here’s the truth.

Your fashion sense won’t be enough to make your boutique successful

No one is looking for your brand because you’re likely not going to be selling something they’ve never seen before. 

Your friends and family won’t support as much as you think they will. 

You’ll need a clear and thorough plan of action to increase brand visibility, build an audience and actually make money when you launch.

here’s what you should consider:

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What gap will your boutique
fill in the industry?

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But how will you find others
who want to dress like you?


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How will you justify the
prices of your merchandise? 

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What will make your
boutique unique or special? 

Your online boutique could be a huge success if you were able to answer those questions and execute. Launch with confidence and clarity rather than launching with a ton of disorganized information that you’ve gathered from random YouTube videos, free webinars and vendor lists. 


want results like these?

"She was super approachable and down to earth"

I have attended several courses from Jance. All of which I have gained knowledge and understanding that has been applied to my business. I even got the opportunity to attend the Q&A at Magic and she was super approachable and down to earth. Like the launch course, the black Friday course the reel tidbits she is always sharing information on how you can take your business to the next level. If you are an entrepreneur I advise you to take any courses and soak in any info she shares because it will be beneficial.

Ericka Curry


If you're looking to launch, rebrand, or scale your e-commerce business to 6-figures and beyond you're in the right place!

Welcome the The Boutique Academy —one of the top-rated online learning hubs for boutique owners, e-commerce brands and product based businesses . Our goal is to make sure you gain the knowledge and skill necessary to build a brand that becomes a household name.

If you are looking for solid guidance from seasoned retail, e-commerce and marketing  professionals, keep scrolling.

here are three ways to learn from us.

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A monthly subscription for boutique owners who need support and community.

the boutique accelerator

A 12-week group coaching program with guided curriculum and hands-on guidance to help you grow from 4-figure months to 5-figure months and a 6-figure year.

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